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Have you been looking to get a car loan but can’t find one because of your current credit status. Do you have a bad credit and lenders won’t let you get your hands on a nice wheel? Well, rest your worries for we are here to help. It’s understandable, sometimes life hits you so hard and you feel like the earth has tilted on your side. Our company can help you cut a deal with car loan dealers who will give you a second chance regardless of your past credit history.

In House Financing?

At times people undergo difficulty securing car loans. The traditional banks and other mainstream financial institutions might not be eager to lend you some badly needed credit on account of your low credit rating. In several cases you just did not have the opportunity to build up a solid credit report. We can help.

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Consider our In house Used Car loans in Canada. The program makes it possible. For those considering but unsure about the in house financing option, do not stress, all your questions will be speedily answered. Our personalized in house loans are flexible and cover SUVs, used cars and trucks.

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Our committed sales team is all you need to get that loan. Our operation is as strong as a bank lender or full car dealer. This showcases our knowledge of the industry effectively. We provide a more flexible alternative to the financial industry guaranteeing our clients the chance to purchase a quality used vehicle.

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Our loans for used cars in Canada and financing also covers bad credit, divorce, non-residents, bankruptcy and other situations. Our financial plan covers self-employment, employment insurance, child tax benefits, disability and social assistance. We permit co-signers too.

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Quick Approval & Options


Speedy approval when contacted via the phone. Frequent monthly payments that do not exceed a quarter of your net income after making your housing payment deductions. We can repair your credit rating as we report your payments to the concerned credit body.

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Experienced Staff


The purchase process goes through our warm and experienced sales team which checks out your financial capability and evaluates it with your loan requirement. Immediately, you can qualify for a loan agreement.

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If you’re dealing with a trustworthy company, car loans can be pretty easy. These days cars have become a necessity. But if you have a bad credit history, it can be hard enough. When it comes to getting a loan in Canada with a questionable credit history, we are your go-to company. We are ready to help you with any credit problems. You can get on the road quickly with the right auto loan. You don’t need to waste your time for car shopping when you can get a car loan instead. It takes only 5 minutes to complete the application and get the answer in no time. If you are approved, you will have around 30 days to purchase a chosen car. We can recommend you trusted dealers in Ontario that can show you a variety of cards according to your requirements. We work with dealers that offer a wide range of vehicles that meet high standards. Contact our representatives to learn more about our refinance options.

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